Caribbean reef shark (Carcharhinus perezi)

IUCN Red List Status: Near Threatened

-       As it’s name suggests, this is a reef-dwelling shark found in the Caribbean and the tropical Western Atlantic

-       This species is the move common reef shark in the Caribbean

-       Often found associated with the bottom near drop offs, Caribbean reef sharks are generally found within ~100 ft (30m) depth, but have been recently found to dive to depths of ~1240 ft (378 m)

-       Pups are born at ~2-2.5 ft (60-75 cm), and individuals can grow up to ~10 ft (295 cm)

-       Pups are developed by placental viviparity (remember what this is??), and females reproduce every other year (biennially)

-       This species feeds on reef fishes and sometimes other elasmobranchs too!

-       This species is harvested for it’s meat for consumption, skin for leather, fins for soup, and liver for oils

-       Also valued within tourism as it is often featured in shark feeding/diving tours

-       This species may additionally be impacted by coral reef habitat degradation