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Interested in hosting a Gills Club Event? Apply to become a Gills Club Host Site!


We are always looking to partner with schools, education centers, or aquariums to increase the number of Gills Club host sites and provide more opportunities for hands on learning for the Gills.


Who can start a host site? Anyone! We partner with scientists, educators, or parent volunteers to bring the Gills Club programming to various communities across the country. It is great if you have experience working with youth, but our curriculum packages will provide you with a full facilitator guide to help in leading the activities making it easier for anyone to lead an activity.


Where can meetings take place? The ideal location for a Gills Club event is a classroom, lab, or large open room. Having a few tables and chairs or desks are helpful to have for facilitators to set up and then run the activities on.


What does it cost to become a host site? Nothing! The curriculum for the Gills Club is designed to require very little in terms of supplies. Most activities require household objects, regular art supplies, or print outs. If an event does require something larger,  we try to provide that to host sites for use, and will then try to arrange activities to use those materials again in future activities.


How often are meetings? The Gills Club events follow a school year schedule, with the exception of December. Each month a new event outline and the corresponding facilitator guides are made available for use. If you would only like to run meetings every quarter, that is fine, or if you would like to do a series of meetings weekly for a span of only two months as part of an after school program, that is fine as well. Our hope is to spread these programs to provide more opportunities for Gills to have a hands on learning experience, but we understand if you are limited in how often you can host events.


To become a Gills Club host site we request that you complete the following form so we can learn more about you, the organization you work for, and the region in which the events would be held. If you have any additional questions, please email Marianne Long at