Pyjama shark (Poroderma africanum)

Photo by Photo Leon Van Dijl

IUCN Red List Status: Near Threatened

This coastal species has a restricted range to the Southeast Atlantic and western Indian Ocean off of South Africa

Found in the intertidal region to depths up to ~300 feet (100 meters)

Individuals in this species reach maturity at lengths of 2.5-3 feet, and maximum sizes reach up to ~3 feet

The pyjama shark reproduces year round, and size of pups are ~0.5 feet

Reproductive mode is oviparous, in which females lay eggs that sit on the bottom of the ocean until hatching

This is a more social shark species, with individuals gathering and resting in caves and bottom structure on reefs and kelp beds

Preferred prey items include bony fishes, hagfish, invertebrates, and primarily cephaolopds

This species is caught as bycatch in local fisheries including inshore longline, gillnet, and beach-seine gear

Species will also readily take a baited hook if targeted, and is regularly caught by recreational anglers, and often release

The pyjama shark is rarely taken for human consumption, and sometimes taken for lobster bait

This species is hardy and regularly survives capture on fishing gear