Soupfin shark (Galeorhinus galeus)

IUCN Red List Satus: Vulnerable

This species is located world-wide in temperature waters

Also commonly known as the “tope”, “school”, and “snapper” shark!

Reaches sizes up to 6 feet, and maturity around 4.5 feet

Mainly demersal, meaning they are often associated with the ocean floor, and recorded to move to depths of 550 meters (~1800 feet)

The larger the soupfin shark female, the more pups she will carry

Spawning occurs once per year, with a 12-month gestation period

Often this species migrates in schools in coastal waters

Opportunistic feeders that eat small fishes, crabs and other invertebrates

This species is aplacental viviparous, also called ovoviviparous…..based on your previous newsletters, do you remember what this means? J

This species is heavily exploited in certain areas of the world for its liver, flesh, and fins…hence it’s name