Bull shark (Carcharhinus leucas)

Photo by Bill Eastwick

IUCN Red List Status: Near Threatened

Uniquely identified as a species of shark that can exist in freshwater for long periods of time, the bull shark can be found in tropical and subtropical habitats

The bull shark has been found large distances (several thousand miles!) up freshwater rivers, such as the Amazon, Ganges, and Mississippi (as far north as Illinois!) Rivers

 Rarely targeted within fisheries, although caught as bycatch

Because this species is often found in freshwater, this puts them at unique risk to be exploited by freshwater fishing and habitat modification

This species has numerous common names, depending on the location, and include names such as Zambezi Shark, Swan River Shark, and Lake Nicaragua Shark

Commonly reach sizes up to 8.5 feet, but reported up to 13 feet

This species is responsible for a number of attacks on humans

Bull sharks are also well adapted to be on display in aquariums

Typically found in waters less than 30meters, but up to 150meters

This species is viviparous, with pups being nourished through a placental connection to the mother, resulting in live birth after gestation, which is 10-11 months