Meet Ella! 

"My name is Ella and I am 6 years old. I have loved sharks my whole life. I learn a lot about sharks from my father Brian Raymond and my Uncle Joe Romeiro. I know at least 12 scientific shark names. My favorite sharks are Blues and Makos! They are pelagic sharks which means they live in the open ocean. When I grow up I will be a shark diver and photographer for Pelagic Expeditions. I try to teach people how important sharks are to the ocean and the whole world."

Meet  Maggie!

Maggie recently won first place at a local science fair and said "I found out from my science fair project that shark education has a positive effect on people and I want to continue teaching the world about sharks to help save them."  Maggie also attended the first Gills Club meeting in Colorado led by Dr. Mikki McComb-Kobza and she has recently been accepted into the iSTEM program at Bell Middle School for next year!  Way to go Maggie!

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Meet Hope!

Hope has been a shark lover since she was a toddler. Growing up in a land-locked town hasn't stopped Hope from reading as many shark books as she can get her hands, petting dog sharks at the local Indianapolis Zoo or watching some of her favorite Shark Week shows. Last Summer, (while on a family vacation) Hope got to test her shark knowledge at The Museum of Coastal Carolina where took a shark class, checked out their amazing ocean exhibit and even tested her knowledge digging and identifying shark teeth. Hope is passionate about shark conservation and is eager to teach others about what important animals sharks are and why we need to fight to protect them.

Meet Ava!

Ava loves nature and enjoys regular visits to Nature Swap at Roger Williams Park Zoo where she trades in finds from her nature walks for treasures other Nature Swap members have found. Ava was inspired by the Gills Club to head to her local library and take out a book on great white sharks. After reading it she visited her local library again to participate in a Recycled Materials Craft Project, she created a large scale diagram of a great white!

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Meet Makayla!  

Makayla has enjoyed reading and learning about sharks since she was about 5 years old.  She’s just always been fascinated with them.  Last month, Makayla did her Tropicana Speech Contest paper on sharks and how they are an important part of the ecological system.   She chose this topic all on her own and did all of her own research.  She presented her speech to her class and won first place!  She then went on the represent her class and share her passion for sharks at the all-school speech contest.  

Meet Quinn!

Quinn started The Hugging Book Adventures to raise funds and awareness for causes that are important to her. Quinn wrote and illustrated a Shark Safety book with proceeds from the sales going towards white shark research and education through Atlantic White Shark Conservancy. You can purchase Quinn's wonderful book on Amazon!


Meet Aleyah!

Aleyah fell in love with the ocean at 9 yrs old. Her first year at marine science camp offered the glimpse she needed to immerse herself in the ocean. She was exposed early on to the Leopard Shark, and had many opportunities to swim alongside them. Aleyah is a VolunTeen at the Long Beach Aquarium and enjoys sharing her passion about all marine life through her social media page "Aleyahs Ocean Journey"